Monday, August 24, 2009

New Gallery Available to View - Lapa, Brazil

Duang's brother is doing well in the Udonthani Public Hospital. He will be released on Friday after his stitches are removed. I am impressed with the success of his treatment. Just as in the delivery of Peelawat, it appears that although the Isaan medical facilities do not compare with USA hospitals, they are fit for purpose. It would make for an interesting discussion or debate regarding how much technology, staffing, modern facilities, etc are actually required to provide adequate medical services. It is a discussion and debate that I am not qualified to participate. I have only shared my observations and experiences related to medical services in Isaan.

Today we drove to the Mall in central Udonthani to take care of some banking, pay a bill, post some letters, and buy some razor blades. Duang also suggested that we have lunch at the Pizza Company. There is a desk at the Province Office inside the Mall where a postman is available to determine postage and mail letters and packages - very convenient with services available 7 days a week. At the Bank office in the Mall you can pay bills seven days a week as well as do your banking. I had two Thai checks to cash and found out that I could only deposit them to my account with the money being available in 7 days - not so convenient but not a problem - thankfully.

The remainder of the day was spent editing and reviewing scanned slides. Recently I recieved two DVDs of scans of approximately 2,000 35 mm slides from a 33 year span. I had boxed the slides and sent them to the San Francisco Bay Area where they were added to others and shipped to India for processing. From India the slides as well as the DVDs of electronic files of the scans were sent to my parents house (the company does not ship to overseas locations). My parents then shipped the DVDs to Thailand with them arriving a month later.

Over the course of time I will be adding selected photos to my website. I recently added new photos to my "China 2004" gallery and today I created a new gallery.

My new gallery is from the June 2001 celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi in Lapa, Parana Brazil. The following is a link to the gallery:

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