Sunday, December 27, 2009

Keeping America Safe

Hmmm... My 45 year old Thai Buddhist wife, who has a Thai Identity Card and Thai Passport in the last name of "Hale" could not get a Visa to visit her in-laws in the USA but a 23 year old male Muslim Nigerian, who apparently traveled to Yemen and is on some kind of watch list got a Visa to visit the USA. Oh - his father was Chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria. I, an American citizen, could not get a specific answer from an American official as to why my wife was rejected other than "she didn't convince the interviewer that she would return to Thailand" (where she owns two houses and has extensive family). My wife told me that the interviewer asked to see my passport, records of my income and my banking, and questioned her as to how much Thai I spoke - all not requirements on the application or on the State Dept websites. No appeal allowed. No advice or guidance was given as to what documents we need to produce that are not listed in the application or websites so as to avoid a repeat rejection other than we can apply again for $131. We know of some people who applied 5 times before they obtained a Visa for their Thai wife.

I guess the Nigerian did not have to convince his interviewer that he would not try to blow up the plane!

Oh I need to mention again - his father was Chairman of the First Bank of America.

Sleep well America you are well protected from middle aged Thai women!

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