Friday, April 17, 2015

Coming Soon - Korb Siarn Khru Ritual

Life continues on here in Isaan - a cycle of events punctuated by milestones such as religious rituals and cultural celebrations.

Soon it will be May 1 once again.  May 1 is known as "Labor Day" in Thailand and in many countries around the world.  May 1 also marks other celebrations.

For me, more importantly, it is the day that a special ritual is performed at Wat Pha That Nong Mat.  Last night, Duang received a phone call from the young Monk, her son's friend, confirming to her that he would be conducting a "Korb Siarn Khru" ritual on May 1 and making sure that we would attend.

Korb Siarn Khru is one of those unique rituals that I am very interested in.  It is a ritual involving "White Magic", connections to a long ago past, links to an exotic land of spirits, and ancient teachings.  On the plus side, this ritual outside of Tahsang Village is untouched by tourism and mass media.  It remains for the time being a pure and genuine local event.

May 1 also marks the season of Bun Bang Fei - Rocket Festivals when homemade gunpowder rockets are launched into the skies over Isaan and neighboring Lao People's Democratic Republic.

May is an exciting month of festivals and rituals before the start of the rice planting season here.

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