Monday, May 18, 2015

The Story Behind the Photo

It is said, written, and even sung that "Every picture tells a story".  Paul Harvey had a television show and book titled "The Rest of the Story". In today's blog entry, I will be telling a story with two photographs, giving the reader the rest of the story, along with informing you the story behind these photographs.

Yesterday, my wife and I attended a funeral out in the Isaan countryside near Kham Chanot.  The funeral was not for a family member.  We were part of the group from Tahsang Village participating in the funeral for the grandfather of the young Monk from Wat Pha That Nong Mat (the "outside" Wat of Tahsang Village).

On the trip from Tahsang Village out to the funeral, Duang told me about a little girl that she had met on a previous visit to the grandfather's home.  Duang and I have a term for young precocious children who are extremely self-confident.  We refer to them as "Naughty girl" or "Naughty boy".  Naughty boys and girls provide us with a great deal of entertainment and joy.  Duang described a 2-1/2 year old naughty girl who talked too much, and kept looking through Duang's purse for lipstick.

When we arrived at the home of the deceased man, the naughty girl was missing.  Duang asked about her and found out the the little girl had gone home to take a nap.

I encountered the little girl at the local Wat for the cremation.  I took some photographs of her but she didn't seem all that thrilled about either being photographed or the results.  She told her mother that she did not want her picture taken.  I stopped taking photos.  The little girl became very animated.  She ended up pulling out a tube of lipstick from a pocket on her dress.  It turned out to be the tube of lipstick that Duang had given her a week ago.

Without the aid of a mirror and with out any adult supervision or input, the little girl confidently applied the lipstick to her lips.  She was very precise and focused in getting the job done.

When she had finished the job, I took some more photographs.  She was much more cooperative and seemed pleased with the results.

Here in Thailand, women take a great deal of care and pride in their personal appearance.  This attitude and trait starts at an early age as evidenced by this 2-1/2 year old diva.

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