Friday, January 22, 2016

More Photographs Are Available


 Twenty-five additional photographs of children are now available for viewing in my most popular gallery: Runny Noses and Dirty Faces - Children

Month after month this gallery gets the most views on my photography website.  It is also the gallery that I have actually sold the most Limited Copyright License Agreements and prints.

I have enjoyed taking these photographs and wish to share some of Allen's World with others.

My ambition and goal is to show extraordinary people doing ordinary things.  In so doing, I wish to show how different people can appear, to provide a glimpse of other cultures, to celebrate the diversity of mankind, and to demonstrate that despite our appearances we are so much alike.
I consider my work to be documentary style photography in that my goal is to capture a real and true moment at a specific point in time; sort of like “If you had been there then, this is what you should have seen”  As such, there is very little posing, imposed direction or post processing manipulation in my work.

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