Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bhutan - Fifth Gallery Is Now Available

Finally!  Finally the fifth gallery of our trip to Bhutan earlier this Spring is available for viewing on my photography website.

This gallery covers the eighth day of our journey across Bhutan.  Most importantly the gallery documents the first day of the 2017 tsheschu - Domhkar Festival.

May 5, 2017 was the first time that Duang and I had witnessed the sacred dances called "cham" which are so important and defining of Tibetan and Bhutanese religious culture.

The event made quite an impression upon us and we consider it to be an experience of a lifetime.

This gallery of 74 selected photographs has been distilled down from over 4,000 photographs that I took that day - thank goodness for digital photography, I could not afford to do it in the old days of film!  I am pleased and proud of these photographs which I believe represents the best work that I have ever done in photography.

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  1. Really good stuff Allen, your patience is rewarded. Hard to pick favorites but I really like the ones with the clown in them. Oh, and the man putting sun screen on. Oh, and the closeup of the boot. Oh, and the...



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