Saturday, March 28, 2009

Going to Maehongson - 12 Hours To Go

We are just about ready to leave in 12 hours to Maehongson - one of my very favorite places in all of Thailand. This will be my fourth trip to the area.

We will leave tomorrow morning around 5:00 A. M. and drive to Chiang Mai, spend the night there, and get to Maehongson the following afternoon. The trip could be done in a single long day of driving but the last four hours is on a winding and twisted road with many sights to stop at so we will make it a two day trip out to Maehongson.

We are looking forward to the Shan festival of Poi Sang Long. The cameras have been cleaned. The digital media has been formatted. The batteries are all charged. We have packed some foul weather gear and will take whatever is presented to us.

Since this trip we will be driving, I am bringing a tripod and some other equipment that was not possible before when flying into Maehongson. I will experiment with taking some night shots of the two Wats along the pond in the middle of the town. Although we have not planned on it specifically, we are hoping to get out to some of the Hill Tribe villages to visit some of the people that we have met on previous trips.

Upon our return in a week there will most likely be over 2,000 photos to edit along with plenty of experiences and observations for future blogs.

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