Friday, July 3, 2009

Yellowstone National Park Spring Photo Gallery

I have finally completed reviewing, editing, and adding captions to the photographs that I took during my recent trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Some of the photographs are available to view on my photography website:

I researched and added the Latin scientific names for the animals in the photographs i.e. ursus arctos horribilis, ursus americanus ...

Adding the Latin names brought back fond memories of 9th grade Biology class where we had to memorize many of the names. I remember that my studies motivated me to develop my own family and genus associated with my younger sister - "Bitchus americanus". I am no longer angry at my sister and do not use the term in association with her. However during my stay here in America I did take some photos of "Bitchus americanus" but for obvious legal considerations I will be sharing them only with my wife back in Thailand.

It was my observation that the species "Bitchus americanus" is thriving in the USA both in numbers and definitely in size. Perhaps the proper name should now be "Bichus americanus magnus"

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