Monday, October 4, 2010

Bangkok Nikon Sales and Repair - Niks Thailand

After my excellent experience with getting my 28-70mm Nikkor lens repaired at Niks Thailand about a month ago, I decided to have my other two lenses, that I use extensively, repaired.  My 300mm Nikkor was making strange squeaks or rather more like squawking when focusing.  My research over the Internet indicated that this was an indication of pending failure. My other lens, my favorite, Nikkor 80-200mm, has seen a great deal of operation since I purchased it over EBAY a few years ago.  I felt that it was time for it to be inspected, adjusted if necessary, and cleaned.

I had purchased all my lenses on EBAY with very good results both in terms of the price that I paid as well as the quality of the merchandise.  I am certain that they are not stolen merchandise based upon my research on the sellers.  However there is one issue that has always been in the back of my mind.  In the United States all Nikon cameras and lenses are supposed to be imported through Nikon USA.  If a Nikon camera or lens is imported through a source other than Nikon USA it is considered "Grey Market".  "Grey Market" materials cost less than identical products imported by Nikon USA but there is a catch - a significant catch.  "Grey Market" merchandise warranties are not honored by Nikon USA.  Worse yet, Nikon USA which operates authorized Nikon repair facilities in the United States will not repair grey market merchandise - ever - even if you are paying for the work.  There used to be three Nikon Company repair stations in the USA but there are only two now.  Fortunately there are independent repair shops that will repair Nikon products as well as other brands.

On our trip to Bangkok last Tuesday, we brought the lenses to Niks Thailand to be serviced.  I was given a written estimate for each lens and was told that the lenses would be ready the next day.  I informed the representative that we were leaving that afternoon to return to Udonthani.  I indicated that I wanted the lenses returned to me by courier.  From my previous experience, I knew that shipping was included in the estimate.  The representative informed me that it would take longer for me to receive my lenses to which I confirmed it would be one to two weeks.

Last Wednesday, I received a phone call indicating that the lenses were ready for shipment, the final cost of the repairs (both within the original estimates), as well as information for transfering funds from my banking account into Niks's bank account in Bangkok.

Duang and I drove to the local branch of our bank and transferred the required funds to Niks Thailand's account at a different operating bank.  I was charged less than $2 to make the transfer.  Upon returning to our home I scanned the paper transfer receipt and sent it to the representative at Niks as an email attachment.  Thursday morning I received an email response from the representative at Niks indicating that the camera lenses had been packaged and sent to the courier with a scheduled delivery on Monday 4 October.

At 10:30 this morning the Kerry Logistics , sort of Thailand's Fedex company, delivery van pulled up to the curb outside our home.  I went out and signed the receipt, was given a copy of the receipt, and walked away with a sturdy cardboard box containing my lenses.

The shipping box seams were reinforced as well as moisture sealed with mylar shipping tape.  This is a good precaution with the possibilities of encountering heavy rains even in early October.  After I opened the box I encountered a dense mass of shredded paper.  The packing material was recylced office documents.  Beneath the thick pad of packing material, the lenses were securely and safely laying upon another thick pad of shredded paper.  Each lens was inside of its individual plastic bubble wrap envelope inside of its individual plastic shipping envelope.  The long flaps of the bubble wrap were tucked inside the envelope to provide addition moisture protection and protection from physical damage.  Elastic bands held the packing envelopes together.  It was a very impressive package.

The lenses looked brand new.  I took turns placing them on one of my cameras and took some test shots - the lenses focused smoothly, accurately and without disturbing sounds.  The squawck had been replaced by the sound of a precision instrument operating as it was intended when new.

The three lenses are now prepared for upcoming journies and adventures.  I also have found a great place to handle my Nikon service needs here in Thailand.


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