Saturday, October 30, 2010

Now Pitching - Peelawat

Peelawat Winding Up To Pitch With Both Hands His Rocks

Yesterday, while the Animist rituals were being performed at our home, I got to spend some quality time with Peelawat, our 21 month old grandson.  We are never at a loss for things to do.  Peelawat has the natural talent to turn just about anything into a game.  He has an impish sense of humor and takes as much pleasure in making others laugh as laughing himself.  He is also very inquisitive which allows me to review and edit photographs on the computer while he sits on  my lap - good for me and good for him.

With most of the action occurring outside yesterday, we spent a good deal of our time outdoors.  When he wasn't "helping" with the relocation of one of the Spirit Houses, Peelawat busied himself with our landscaping.  Part of our home's landscaping consists of small flat rounded stones as a decorative element.  These rocks are just right for a 21 month old child to keep busy - very busy.

Peelawat Showing His "Look Away" Technique Prior to Pitching the Rocks
Peelawat started with using the rocks as trucks and cars - complete with sound effects.  He then he used a rock to bang on the concrete pavers.  Amused with his entertaining antics, I had brought out my camera to take some photographs. It was then that Peelawat got into what rocks are really meant for - to a two year old - throwing them.  Peelawat has thrown the rocks before, but yesterday he was really into it- much to my consternation.  After each of his sessions I have to find the the rocks in the grass, driveway, and shrubs to return them to their proper locations.  Peelawat gets so much pleasure out of the rocks that I can not bear to stop him.

Peelawat Fires Away - With Both Hands

Peelawat noticed that I was taking photographs so after each shot, he would run over to me to see the results on the digital camera's monitor.  It is nice to have such an enthusiastic model and a model who works so cheaply, too.

Peelawat Pitching More Rocks - Right and Left Simultaneously!
Peelawat kept busy tossing stones for a lengthy period of time.  My moaning and groaning as he spread rocks over the grass, into the shrubs, onto the driveway, and some even into the street seemed to only encourage him.  He was having a great time.

Peelawat Showing Some Proclivity for A Possible Major League Baseball Career
Towards the end of his performance, Peelawat showed a natural inclination for playing Major League Baseball.  He apparently had an itch that had to be scratched.  Just as many major leaguers will scratch or "adjust" themselves in the batter's box, Peelawat took care of his needs irregardless of the other people around him.  He pulled his diaper partially down and scratched away as he walked away to join his dad.

Some Habits, Bad Habits, Start At An Early Age
After his pitching of rocks, we played futbol (soccer) with a balloon prior to Peelawat returning home to Tahsang Village.  As Duang cleaned up the sahts, and plates from the ritual, I retrieved and relocated the rocks to their proper locations smiling - most of the time.

Peelawat and his Father, Bhet


  1. Debra Elkins DickeyOctober 30, 2010 at 8:43 PM

    Enjoyed the story, reminders of the simple things that keep little ones so happy. The picture of Peelawat attending to his itch was wonderful.

  2. Yes life is much simpler when you can entertain yourself and not have to rely on having electricity. Lao Loum children learn early to make do with what they have.