Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oldies But Goodies

White Model 706 Passenger Bus - 1930s Vintage

We are back home in Isaan now for about a week from our trip back to America.  We are caught up now to the point that I can consider writing blog entries after over a month's absence.

It was a great trip highlighted by a one week long visit to Yellowstone National Park, a visit with my cousin in Downeast Maine, and visiting with one of my best friends from high school and his wife after 40 years.

I wanted to share a different part of America with Duang on this trip to the United States.  I can not think of a better place to share with someone from outside of the US than Yellowstone National Park.  The landscapes as well as wildlife are unique and are national treasures.

Duang absolutely loved the area and animals.  I was surprised at how adept she was at spotting wildlife at great distances.  The only problem that we encountered was in the early days of our visit.  She did not know the names of animals so when she spotted something she said that she saw  "big black dog" - this term applied to buffalo, black bears, and in the case of mammals that were not black such as deer, pronghorn, big horn sheep, grizzly bears and elk "big dog, same color my hat".  Needless to say it all made my trip that more entertaining!

Some of our unanticipated pleasures were several encounters with links to a long gone by age in Yellowstone National Park - the canvas topped 1930s era White touring buses,  Eight of the original 98 bright yellow 14 passenger buses were restored in 2007 and returned to service.

The White Motor Company was a predominate maker of trucks in 20th century America.  Unfortunately, like so much of America's heavy industry, the company did not make it out of the century.

The White Model 706 buses in Yellowstone are bright yellow and the 33 of the buses used in Glacier National Park are a deep rich red.

"Red Jammers", White Model 706 Buses, In Glacier National Park
The White buses hearken back to a time when industrial design embraced many artistic elements.  Even today the artistic beauty of the front chrome grills are testaments to the taste and skill of their Russian immigrant designer so many years ago.  Seeing the old buses was a welcomed relief from the countless utilitarian vehicles that ply the Yellowstone roadways today.

Duang was fascinated by the grand touring vehicles - there is nothing comparable to them in Isaan or the whole of Thailand.  These buses were another unique experience for her, another unique memory of America for her.

Yellowstone Panorama and Me Reflected in Model 706 Bus

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