Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Dancing Lao Loum Farmer - Video

Yesterday, I learned how to post a video to this blog. It was actually not difficult at all to do.

I had mentioned about perhaps posting a video of a new friend dancing at the Kham Chanot concert. Today I am posting that video.

He was a local farmer that absolutely enjoyed himself as well as the Lao Kao (moonshine whiskey which is very popular in Isaan) He took a liking to me and ensured that no but he got took close to me while I was filming. He even got into a little directing - motioning me to come closer to the stage to get a closer view of the Go-Go girl that he was most interested in. I showed him how I could zoom in for closer shots without having to move. When I showed him in the camera monitor screen how I could zoom in for just that special shot that he wanted, he got all excited and started clapping me on the shoulder in appreciation. I then showed him how that wasn't very good in that it shook the camera and ruined the scene. I did not have to show him again.

This clip shows a little of the spirit and energy which is so often observable here in Isaan. The people really enjoy their music and dance. They while being modest are typically uninhibited at these events. The energy and enthusiasm along with the heavy drinking often leads to flare ups.

The concert on Saturday was no exception - there were some fist fights towards the end of the concert. As happens at every event that I have attended the flare ups are directly in front of the stage and involve teenagers. Unlike some concerts, Lady Boys (Kathoeys) were not involved. There were plenty of police around so matters were contained and were brief. No problem - everyone enjoyed themselves. Perhaps they did not enjoy themselves as much as the "Dancing Lao Loum Farmer" but not many people can.

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