Sunday, November 11, 2012

Homework Assignment - The Rest of the Story

Last Friday, 9 November 2012 (2555 in Thailand), my wife and I witnessed a very special event, "The Royal Barge Procession" in Bangkok, Thailand.  It was the 17th time that there has been a Royal Barge Procession in the 66 year reign of of Thailand's current King.

Many years ago in the USA, there was a news commentator named Paul Harvey.  His famous by-ine was "And now for the rest of the story ..."  He would then provide background and details, mostly unknown, regarding some of the more popular stories both past and present.  Well this event, for me, was the rest of the story to a blog that I had written regarding our December 2010 visit to the Royal Barge Museum.

During our visit, we saw some of the Royal Barges in storage.  More interesting, some of the barges were being renovated.  As part of our two hour stay at the museum we also saw some videos showing past Royal Barge Processions.  As much as I wanted to see and photograph such a grand spectacle I never expected that I would be able to.  As luck would have it or as my wife prefers to say "Buddha take care" this year we had the opportunity to witness the grand procession.  It was everything and more that I expected it to be.  But, that will be the subject of an upcoming blog.

It was thrilling to see some of the renovated boats completed, manned, and underway on Friday.

For now, I recommend that people read the blog "Royal Barge Museum" to prepare for the rest of the story which should be posted in the next few days.

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